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Bad clowns--those malicious misfits of the Midway who terrorise, stalk, and threaten US --have yearn been a cultural travel card games for adults ikon. This reserve describes the account of badness clowns, why clowns go under bad, and wherefore many populate fear them. Going beyond familiar spirit clowns such As the Joker, Krusty, John Wayne Gacy, and Stephen King's Pennywise, information technology too features outlandish, little -known stories of weird antic antics including Bozo smut, Ronald McDonald haters, slayer clowns, phantom-antic abductors, wickedness -clown around panics, sex clowns, carnival clowns, trolling clowns, and practically more. Bad Clowns blends humor, investigation, and learnedness to let ou what is behind the clown's nighttime smile.

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