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Sommers and others have specifically questioned Mary Koss's oftentimes -cited 1984 contemplate that claimed 1 in 4 college women take been victims of spoil, charging it exaggerated spoil of women and downplayed the relative incidence of workforce taboo game words organism the victims of unwanted arouse. According to Sommers, as more arsenic 73% of the subjects of Koss's contemplate disagreed with her characterization that they had been raped, while others have direct come out of the closet that Koss's meditate focused along the victimization of women, downplaying the significance of physiological property victimization of workforce, even though its possess data indicated 1 in septenar college work force had been victims of unwanted sex. Sommers points come out of the closet that Koss had measuredly narrowed the definition of unwanted physiological property encounters for men to instances where men were penetrated.

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