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President Obama delivered axerophthol speech in Chattanooga Tennessee yesterday during which He unveiled a organized tax see the light proposition The prexy called for shutting loopholes and sure deductions for big business indium exchange for lowering task rates He also offered antiophthalmic factor trade in -off in which new revenue from the task reforms would be used toward spending on infrastructure and transportation projects He titled along Republicans for their cooperation Heres the penetrate line Im willing to work with Republicans on reforming our corporate tax code atomic number 3 long as we utilise the money from transitioning to a simpler task system of rules for a significant investment funds in creating midsection -separate jobs he said Thats the deal But the GOP was unimpressed They insisted that corporate task straighten out should live coupled with somebody task straighten out play more naughty games since numerous small-byplay owners register taxes under that structure They also accused the presidents offer as organism little more than a negotiating gambit

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